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Benjamin Franklin


present learns from history

The Department of History at Laimekuri College has strengths in the history of modern India with special emphasis on histories of political violence, spatial histories, environmental histories, and Indian Ocean studies; Mughal history and military histories; and histories of ancient India, Indian archaeology, and heritage studies. The Department offers a B.A in  History. 

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Sri Hari Pd Pegu


Department of Sociology

Sri Hari Pd Pegu – HOD, MA

Sri Mukesh Pegu – MA

Sri Chitraranjan Kuli – MA,SET


Bachelors of Arts in Sociology

Regular B.A Programme for three years, 6 Semester under Dibrugar University

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Laimekuri College
Got to learn my history with in-depth understanding of the past

Lakshmi Gohain

Student of History