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Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance


Sustainable Development

Economics studies the institutions and arrangements that are used to create, protect, and allocate scarce resources that have alternative uses. It advances our understanding of the behaviour of individuals, firms, governments and other organisations. Economics’ deep intellectual roots, rigorous analytic methods, and powerful ability to explain and evaluate social phenomena make it an exceptionally rewarding field of study.

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Laimekuri College Department of Economics Teacher
Himadri Saikia


Department of Economics

Smt. Himadri Saikia – HOD, MA

Miss Armoni Doley – MA

Smt. Debojani Regon – MA


Bachelors of Arts in Economics

Regular B.A Programme for three years, 6 Semester under Dibrugar University

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Laimekuri College Economica Student
All my concepts about the subject is crystal clear now

Ranjan Pait

Student of Economics