B.A. in Philosophy

B.A. in Philosophy

3 Years | 6 Semesters

The B.A. in Philosophy provides you with strong background in the history of philosophy, logic, critical reasoning and helps shape how you present a rigorous argument. You will also have the opportunity to broaden your perspective on contemporary issues through electives in philosophy of law, religion, science, bioethics, political philosophy, non-Western philosophy and many other topics.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of philosophy, students often combine a B.A. in Philosophy with a second major. Popular double majors combine philosophy and either psychology, English, political science or the natural sciences.

If you are considering graduate and professional schools, students with philosophy degrees have been shown to perform better on standard admission tests

What you study

The Bachelor of Arts Program in Philosophy is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in European and American philosophies, including their histories and cultures. Philosophy courses at Mansfield University are primarily concentrated in areas such as ethics, aesthetics, theology, and law.