B.A. in Assamese

B.A in Assamese

3 Years | 6 Semesters

B.A. (Assamese) – Stands for Bachelor of Arts in Assamese. The course offered in this degree are B.A. in Women Studies and B.A. in Tourism Management etc. Different career options are available for graduates in this field, for instance one can become a teacher, translator or a freelancer as well. For imparting a program in the foreign language, the educational institutions mostly look for experts in this field

What you study

Assamese is the study of literature, linguistics and philosophy of the Assamese language. Subjects typically studied under this degree are Poetry, Drama, Fiction, Literary Criticism, Literary History etc.

The greatest advantage of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree course is that the learning options are not limited to any specific areas.

The Arts course is considered as a flexible course that allows students to choose a course that best matches their career interest.

The number of courses available in Arts category is vast.

The course helps the candidates to improve their analytical and communication skills.