B.A. in Economics

B.A. in Economics

3 Years | 6 Semesters

The bachelor of arts is a general liberal arts degree designed for undergraduate students who are interested in obtaining employment in one of many careers that an undergraduate degree in economics makes available. This also gears students toward graduate studies in law, public policy, or economics.

What you study

Students completing the B.S. in Economics at Cal Poly learn how to interpret, analyze, and communicate economic phenomena relevant for government, business, and the general public. While earning their degree from Cal Poly, Economics undergraduates develop mathematical and statistical skills necessary to describe and analyze economic relationships, and to evaluate the appropriateness and usefulness of different economic theories. Students learn to clearly present their analysis and reasoning using current methods and technology in writing and presentations.

In addition to the instruction students receive in the classroom, they also have an Economics Club dedicated to connecting their education with potential paths they may take in life after graduating.  Through the club, students engage in intentional learning on their own while competing in data analysis competitions with teams all over the world.  They also visit Federal Reserve Offices to gain more in depth knowledge on how our financial sector operates and engage in other activities aimed at building communication and interpersonal skills with their colleagues.