B.A. in Education

B.A. in Education

3 Years | 6 Semesters

With a bachelor’s degree in education, you could teach the leaders of tomorrow. A bachelor’s degree takes an average of four years to complete, and can lead to a rewarding career teaching early childhood, elementary, middle or secondary school education. You could also further specialize by focusing on special education, music education, physical education or other paths.

What you study

Teachers help children of all ages to learn and understand concepts of different subjects, and to help develop their students’ critical thinking skills. Teachers can learn to effectively design curriculum, plan lessons and assign projects that target the learning abilities of their students. A bachelor’s degree in education can provide you with the insights, science and knowledge to provide the best possible learning environments for your students.

As a teacher, you can experience the personal rewards of shaping and changing the lives of your students. With a unique autonomy as a professional, you can design and implement your curriculum according to your own style, personality and creativity. Teachers are lifelong learners and maintain a sense of openness and understanding throughout their lives. As a teacher, you may spend more time with your own family, have summer vacations and enjoy a stable salary.

Teaching children of all different cultural and social backgrounds requires a special insight, perception and proven methods of instruction. A bachelors in education can provide you with the knowledge, tools and methods to be an effective educator. In addition, your own family can benefit from your critical thinking skills and effectual approach to children.