B.A. in History

B.A. in History

3 Years | 6 Semesters

A B.A. in history gives students a broad grasp of world history and the cultural backgrounds of many segments of contemporary society. Students learn methods of historical research and exposition that may be applied not only by the professional historian but also by those interested in pursuing careers in government, education, law, the media, business, and other fields.

What you study

History majors sometimes go to professional school in library science, international relations, archives management, or museum studies. Others seek jobs. In fact, this is becoming easier, as increasingly businesses realize that the strengths in which history majors abound (the ability to read, write, and think critically) are helpful to their businesses. One senior history major this year already has a job in Madison, Wisconsin, for which he interviewed through the Career Center, with a computer software firm that markets patient-record management software to healthcare providers (hospitals, doctors’ practices, nursing homes, etc.). He will be a “project manager” on site at customers’ locations, helping to troubleshoot the needs of the customers and interpret customers’ interventions and suggestions to the technical computer programmers who will then implement the changes needed.